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Due to the unprecedented demand for our USA made disinfectant products and sprayer apparatuses, We have made  it our top priority to
ramp up our supply chain and logistics. Become a preferred customer for ongoing order priority.

Petri Dishes

Stabilized Chlorine Dioxide 
Broader Biocide Efficacy Non-Toxic NO VOCs

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Computer Processor

Eco Choice Products now offers the next generation of safe, class 4 non-toxic disinfectant to the cleaning, janitorial and facilities maintenance industry. We provide eco-friendly commercial cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting products and accessories for safe facility maintenance . We check all the boxes for EPA / OSHA / NSF compliance for any size business or enterprise.  With recent events of the global pandemic and nations banning many chemical compounds in disinfection and cleaning products, Eco Choice Products has proudly partnered with the USA based industry leader of stabalized cholorine dioxicide.   Our product is EPA N-list registered and carries the safe kitchen certification and the only disinfectant on the market that allows aerosol spraying and treatment of HAVAC systems as a broad spectrum disinfectant biocide and bio-deodorizer.  



 Other Cleaning Product Dangers 

Our proprietary Stabilized Chlorine Dioxide is one of the safest  products for the cleaning, disinfectant industries


Our formula has a broader efficacy than traditional alcohol and phenol-based disinfectants.  It has been named   "The Ideal Biocide  “by Herman Sabath, PhD. MPH CMC/CMI, Global Leader in Microbial Infections and Indoor Environments.  


Our product is safer and more effective than other corrosive and toxic formulas: Bleach has been around for many years and is often considered the best way to quickly disinfect surfaces. Even though bleach is advertised at killing 99.9% of germs, many bacteria in our environment have built up a protective film, called "biofilm", against the penetration of bleach or other disinfectants.  Bleach also is very corrosive with health safety concerns to humans and pets.

Bio Film Solution

Essentially, bleach fails to penetrate this biofilm and will only clean so far. Harmful viruses can be hidden under this biofilm and will not be eliminated by bleach.  This biofilm is found everywhere and on all surfaces. Our stabilized chlorine dioxide breaks down the biofilm, exposing the "protected" germs beneath and then keeps on killing to totally eliminate bacteria. One application often takes the worse contaminated surfaces and turns them into "food safe" surfaces

NO Damage to Electronic Equipment Components 

Recent events have uncovered incidences of damage to computer and other mechanical and electronic devices.  Due to chemical cleaning and disinfectant exposures,  costly repairs and replacements of businesses' essential equipment are being reported.   We are confident to report there is no corrosive component to our stabilized chlorine dioxide and will be the standard of care and product of choice in the future.  Don't use the wrong disinfectant or sanitizer!

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EPA OSHA GSA Government Registration

We are currently in application for GSA and FDA federal government procurement orders.  GSA provides centralized procurement for the federal government, offering products, services, and facilities that federal agencies need to serve the public.  GSA's acquisition solutions supply federal purchasers with cost-effective high-quality products and services from commercial vendors.  FDA approval offers broader use applications.


100% USA Manufactured -  EPA Approved

Our Manufacturer has operated at the National Institute of Health (NIH) Level 3 standard for over 40 years.  Customers include Healthcare, Pharmaceutical & Commercial Industries as well as CDC, and other government organizations.  All products meet the highest government standards and are insured. Our product is listed on the EPA N list as a registered disinfectant.

What About Future Pandemics Effecting Your Business ?

Enterprises can no longer protect themselves from lost productivity and lawsuits by adhering to outdated historical industry methods of cleaning. History shows us a progressive pattern of pathogens: ARS 2004, AVIAN 2008, SWINE 2010, MERS 2012, EBOLA 2014, ZIKA 2016, EBOLA 2018, CORONA/COVID19 2020 - Our disinfectant  products help shield you from future viruses and bacteria.

Cleaning the Beach
Image How the Toxins enter body ppt and

Environmental Fallout  

Traditional antibacterial cleaners may actually be aiding in the development of “super bacteria” with health and environmental dangers.

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Overuse Creates Resistance Unintended Consequences

"What doesn't kill you makes you stronger" is the central adage here, as antibacterial chemicals select to fight the virus and other contaminants endure their presence and build a dangerous drug-resistant immunity that could bring a damaging blow to future war on viral pandemics and other pathogen threats to human health.

The overuse of antibacterial cleaning products, including disinfectants in the home, may be producing strains of bacteria that are resistant to multiple antibiotics. Bacteria that are resistant to many antibiotics are known as multi-resistant organisms (MROs).

Environmental Dangers 

Scientists have environmental concerns about antibacterial compounds that are shown to be present in 60 percent of America's streams and rivers reported by environmental scientist Rolf Halden, co-founder of the Center for Water and Health at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.


These antibacterial cleaning chemicals like triclosan end up getting impounded in the municipal sludge, which is used as fertilizer for crops, thereby opening a potential pathway for contamination of the food we eat, Halden explains. "We have to realize that the concentrations in agricultural soil are very high," and this, "along with the presence of pathogens from sewage, could be a recipe for breeding antimicrobial resistance" in the environment, Halden says. 

Health Dangers to All Ages - Recent Autism Studies

A range of adverse health and environmental effects from skin irritation, endocrine disruption, bacterial and compounded antibiotic resistance, to the contamination of water and its negative impact on fragile aquatic ecosystems.  Bleach is especially damaging to the environment because it lingers for many years. Even small amounts of the toxic chemical can accumulate in air and water over time, which can eventually result in adverse health and environmental effects. Bleach causes damage to your lungs, organs, eyes and skin and can be especially dangerous for children and pets.


Liability and Lawsuits - OSHA Compliant  Eco Safe Solution 

Every day the news highlights injuries to children and the public from the usage of toxic chemical cleaning products.  Industry Giants are currently are currently under liability lawsuits.  This is why businesses must avoid future lawsuits that surely will arise by protecting their customers, students, patients, and employees from harmful effects of toxic cleaning products.  We strive to become the preferred standard of care offering one of the safest and most effective disinfecting and sanitizing products in the industry.

IMPORTANT MESSAGE  Companies, governments and consumers- switch to a safe solution with better coverage, efficacy and long term benefits of stabilized chlorine dioxide.  The BEST answer for our health and our environment.  1st Place Science will be the NEW Standard of care in disinfecting.

Disinfectant Usage   Use regularly to eliminate biofilms and pathogens. One gallon covers 5,000 to 30,000 square feet in minutes with an electrostatic or fog sprayer.  It is safe to apply in the presence of other staff.  Spray and let it naturally dry over a few minutes to maximize the killing of the most deadly pathogens, with no need to wipe or polish treated areas in most instances.  Spot sanitizing is effective and encouraged
Co-Op Community Buy Program  Reduce staff illness with disinfectant and sanitizer for staff to use in their work-space  to help reduce cross-contamination from home to work..  At this time,  
we are forming  "bring your bottle"  Sani Safe outreach programs  with non profit , community and government agencies.
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