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Partner with Us 

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By supplying products and servicing essential facility maintenance for schools, restaurants, churches, medical  facilities, homes and virtually any business with our valuable proprietary products for our 'Safe Spaces" business opportunity.  

The COVID-19 pandemic will indeed create a number of silver linings, with business innovation and job creation, but not all will last.  More importantly, companies will identify the products and services that are worth keeping and possibly mandated as we go forward in our brave new world.

ECO CHOICE BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY .  Consider what companies are required  to do in response to this crisis.  Now consider Eco Choice and it's flagship products for eco sustainable disinfection, sanitation and air purification that will solve these essential needs for  businesses and communities currently and post pandemic.


We identify grants involved with specific characteristics such as minority owned businesses; women owned businesses; veteran owned businesses and partner with companies that can help you get started to a bright future!

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