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Case 4 Gallons 1st Place Disinfectant  Gallon

Case 4 Gallons 1st Place Disinfectant Gallon

128 Fluid ounces

SWITCH TO THE BEST broad spectrum disinfectant cleaning  technology has to offer!

Powerful eco safe solution stabilized  buffered chlorine dioxide. Made in the USA trusted by industry leaders around the world.   Ideal for Home - Office - Hospitality - Medical


99.999%  Kills destroys ALL Germs at the Molecular Level,  no resistance,  no build up!

Penetrates the Bio Film to Kill millions more !


▪Targets the Most Harmful  Bacteria - Viruses (including SARS COVID19 ) Fungi - Pathogens 

▪ Highest Efficiency, Fast and Easy to Use, 60 SECOND Kill , NO VOCs, No Harsh Chemicals

▪ Eliminates Smoke, Odors, Urine, Bodily Fluids, Sulfur Ammonia and More

▪ Ideal Around Children, Pets, Elderly, Those with Asthma, Allergic and Immune Deficiencies

▪Non Corrosive Qualities Allows for No Wipe Up for Maximum Protection No Equipment  Damage

▪Non-Flammable, Hypo -Allergenic , Non-Chlorinating, True Biodegradable Product EPA     approved OSHA NSF  Compliant 

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